A Safe Place To Sleep

Kristin Ashe is a successful young entrepreneur who does investigative work for women in her spare time. Destiny Greaves, a well-known activist and the “most famous lesbian in Denver,” comes to her with an unusual request. She wants Kristin to find her childhood.

When Destiny was four, she lost both of her parents in a car accident. Because she has no memory of them, or of herself as a young girl, she asks Kristin to reconstruct her life through other people’s memories. This seemingly simple task becomes increasingly complex as Kristin finds herself hunting for the missing pieces of her own childhood as well.

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A Safe Place To Sleep
Jennifer L. Jordan
180 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #1 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

This is the first full-length novel I wrote.

The book took me about a year to finish, and I only half-heartedly attempted to find a publisher. I sent a query to one lesbian publisher, who requested the manuscript but never responded. I then sent it to another lesbian publisher who read the book, told me it was the cleanest manuscript she’d read (no typos, tight editing), but that their audience didn’t want to read books about serious subjects. I later ran into the second publisher at a conference, and she told me she regretted that she hadn’t bought the book because it was selling so well.

Impatient and autonomous by nature, I self-published the breakthrough book (for me and all survivors of incest) in time for my thirtieth birthday in 1992.

Fran Green, the ex-nun who plays an ever-increasing role in later books in the series, is introduced in A Safe Place To Sleep, but not until the final pages. She comes on and off the stage without much notice, but a legend is born.

As far as writing technique and style, I love A Safe Place To Sleep for its twist of irony. I studied French throughout high school and in my one year of college and was fluent enough to read, write, and speak competently. The theme of irony is prevalent in a lot of great French literature and movies, and I imitated the form.

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I’ve waited a long time to tell this story. If it were just her story, I could have told it years ago.

 Her name was Destiny Greaves. She was a strong, beautiful woman who hired me to look into her past.

 I wasn’t prepared for what I found in her past… or in mine. But then, how could anyone have prepared for what we discovered? Such loss. Such gain. In such a short span of time. I’ve often wondered if there are limits to the amount of pain and joy human beings can feel. I think I found my own limit on this case.

 I wonder if Destiny found hers.

 Sometimes, I like to think back to that very first day, to the day when I first heard about her. It was a day full of such hope.

 I remember it as if it were yesterday….

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