Commitment To Die

Lauren Fairchild hiked to a remote Colorado lake and committed suicide, that much seems certain.

But why? Why would she abandon her only sister, her beloved niece, and her raven-haired, hazel-eyed lover? What mysterious anniversary did Lauren celebrate just days before dying? Where had she really gone every two weeks, when her date book showed “Doctor’s” appointments? And who among her lovers, relatives, and friends is hiding crucial information about Lauren’s death?

That’s what part-time P.I. Kristin Ashe must discover, all the while coping with her own demons, the heartbreak of her brother’s near-death, and her rocky relationship with beautiful lesbian activist Destiny Greaves. Good thing Kris can count on help from Fran Green, a straight-talking, queer-living ex-nun with attitude.

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Commitment To Die
Jennifer L. Jordan
220 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #3 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 2004
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

Coming to life in A Safe Place To Sleep and Existing Solutions, Fran Green, the feisty ex-nun, positively rips through the pages of Commitment To Die. In fact, she takes on so much life, she threatens to eclipse Kristin Ashe and Destiny Greaves.

Careful readers of the series will note that while only one year passed in fictional time between Existing Solutions and Commitment To Die, I moved Kristin’s and Destiny’s ages from thirty to thirty-five. I wanted them to be closer to my actual age at the time of creation.

This book will always be one of my favorites, because it has the biggest part of my heart in it.

Commitment To Die was originally published in April 2004 by Beanpole Books, a small press that was acquired by Spinsters Ink in October 2004.

I give Catherine Harold, the publisher of Beanpole Books, credit for taking a chance on a mystery novel that is different than most and for the wonderful job she did editing the book. Not to mention the book cover, which is spectacular. A brilliant graphic artist came up with one image that conveys two meanings, both sinister. Check it out, read the book, and you’ll understand.

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My heart was breaking.

 My brother David was dying, or maybe already dead. 

 It was midnight, and I was sitting in the intensive care unit at Denver Health Medical Center, reading a mystery aloud, hoping he could hear my voice through his coma.

 Even there, between carefully pronounced, whispered words, I couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren Fairchild and her “day to end all days.”

 It was probably the best day of her life.

 Certainly, it was the most planned one.

 After lunch with her sister and niece, she bought a book at the Tattered Cover, then stopped by her house to pick up a Walkman. She had already packed a picnic dinner of her favorite foods: wine biscuits with Brie, roasted chicken, au gratin potatoes, and raspberry cheesecake.

 She drove west on I-70 for three hours to Exit 278, where she pulled off the highway, changed into boots, and hiked a mile, almost straight up. There, wedged between two mountains, she arrived at the edge of a blue-green lake, fed by three stories of water.

 She spread out a blanket and listened to music, perhaps leafed through the book, but never touched the food.

 Instead, as the sun set over the adjacent peaks, she swallowed fifty painkillers.

 In less than an hour, she felt no pain.

 Thirteen hours later, in nearby Glenwood Springs, an early morning hiker hysterically informed authorities she had found a body on the brink of Hanging Lake.

 Shortly thereafter, everyone who loved Lauren Fairchild began to suffer.

 I know this because ten days ago, Patrice Elliott, Lauren’s sister, hired me to determine why she committed suicide.

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