Disorderly Attachments

“I have thirty days to decide whether to have an affair….”

This line, uttered by Carolyn O’Keefe, lures P.I. Kristin Ashe, into following and investigating the woman Carolyn plans to pursue. From the start, Kris has misgivings about the work, but her unease turns to rage when Carolyn reveals the object of her interest. The more Kris learns about Carolyn O’Keefe and her strange past, the more frightening the results.

At the same time, Roberta Franklin, a real-estate developer, has hired Kris and Fran Green, the feisty ex-nun, to determine whether the mansion she wants to convert into condos is haunted. The elderly owner says “no,” her daughter disagrees, and her adolescent great-grandson, Flax, turns out to be a natural at ghost hunting. When Kris, Fran, Flax, and a paranormal investigator spend a night in the dilapidated structure, they discover as much complicated drama in the real world as the spirit world.

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Disorderly Attachments
Jennifer L. Jordan
219 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #5 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

“I have thirty days to decide whether to have an affair.”

This is one of the opening lines of Disorderly Attachments, and it’s haunted me ever since I heard it. In real life, the circumstances were far less intriguing than I hope I’ve made them in fictional life, but they hooked me nonetheless.

One of my business associates uttered the fateful sentence. A not-happily married man, he was scheduled for a periodontal cleaning in a month. The hygienist had propositioned him, and he had to decide whether to start an affair at his next dental appointment. Not exactly the stuff of great romances – plaque and scaling and root planing – but I loved it for the twists and turns it made my mind take.

Kristin Ashe’s and Destiny Greaves’ relationship plays a major role in this book as it comes under attack, from internal and external forces. Fran Green is more brash than ever, on a quest only she can attack with such a vengeance.

Fans of ghost stories and those who believe in spirits and hauntings will enjoy the subplot in Disorderly Attachments. After quite a bit of research into paranormal investigations, I have to say, I can’t not believe.

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Some people, it takes time to despise.

 Not Carolyn O’Keefe.

 She made me wary the minute she walked into my office twenty-nine days ago. Something in her mannerisms gave me pause—her smug arrogance, her detachment, her false relaxation. While I couldn’t define my fears, I nonetheless decided to turn her away.

 Yet before the end of our first appointment, she had uttered two words that guaranteed I would do as she asked.

 Words that could never be taken back or forgotten.

 My temper started to crack the second I agreed to do her bidding, and the fissure widened over the days that followed. I suppose I could have accepted help or sought intervention, but I was on a path that could not be corrected.

 Each decision I made from this boiler of anger has led me to where I am today.

 I can see that now as I lie in wait for Carolyn O’Keefe, but I remain certain in my convictions.

Especially one.

 When she comes into sight, I will kill her.

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