Existing Solutions

When lesbian activist Destiny Greaves asks P.I. Kristin Ashe to find her biological father – the man who raped her mother – both of their lives are turned upside down.

Thanks to help from brash ex-nun Fran Green, Kris has no trouble finding the man. But understanding what happened more than thirty years ago, the night Destiny was conceived, is more difficult.

For starters, Destiny’s father, Richard Freeman, has recently been recognized for his volunteer efforts with the Monarch Center, a local rape crisis center. In a race against Freeman’s increasing psychological hold over Destiny, Kris must find out what’s going on at the Monarch Center, a task complicated by her struggles with her own father… and by the realization that she is falling in love with Destiny.

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Existing Solutions
Jennifer L. Jordan
180 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #2 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

In Existing Solutions, the story of Kristin Ashe and Destiny Greaves – their childhood pasts and adult lives – continues.

Fran Green, the ex-nun who is a minor character in A Safe Place To Sleep, comes to life as she and Kris move from acquaintances to friends.

This book is notable for the first (and thus far, only) sex scenes I’ve written.

I self-published it in 1993 but only achieved limited circulation because the largest distributor of lesbian and gay books went bankrupt in 1994.

When all was said and done with my self-publishing venture, I invested about $20,000 and got back the same. Breakeven, not accounting for the hundreds of hours I spent editing, proofreading, typesetting, designing, printing, shipping, marketing, and selling the books.

Would I do it again? Yes, because it brought my work into the world.

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We spread her ashes over Vail Mountain.

I didn’t cry. Not that day anyway.

A rage froze my tears.

One that began the day Destiny Greaves asked me to find her biological father — the man who had raped her mother.

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