If No One’s Looking

A three-year-old girl is missing.

That’s all anyone can agree on when Kristin Ashe, a private investigator in Denver, Colorado, is drawn into the case of the disappearance of Kayla Martin.

Kayla’s lesbian mothers insist that Kayla was snatched out of their suburban backyard in the middle of the day, but the police suspect them of child abuse resulting in death. The case becomes more daunting when Kristin uncovers secrets in the two women’s pasts and the lesbian community divides over whether to offer the couple support.

With each passing day, the search for Kayla Martin becomes more fractured and desperate, until finally, no one but Kristin is looking!

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If No One’s Looking
Jennifer L. Jordan
265 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #7 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

This book is about community and how it can raise us up or tear us down.

After finishing Selective Memory, a “small” book that had few characters and even less settings, I opened up in If No One’s Looking, a book that has lesbians coming and going in and around Denver, Colorado.

Destiny Greaves, who is away at a conference for the entirety of Selective Memory, reappears front and center in If No One’s Looking. Of all the books in the Kristin Ashe series, this one stands as her book.

In her position as director of the Lesbian Community Center, Destiny’s skills are tested when the three-year-old daughter of lesbian parents goes missing, and the mothers become prime suspects.

Throughout the entire process of writing the book, I kept coming back to the same question: Does Destiny have an agenda?

Decide for yourself in this portrait of how lesbians relate to each other and to the community at large.

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I looked down and saw drops of blood.

Wiping my hand on my jeans, I continued to push through the stand of oak brush, scarcely mindful of the sharp limbs. A light drizzle had begun to fall, and lightening flashed in the distance, but neither slowed me.

Miles into my circuitous search, I’d crossed wetlands, cut through copper-colored fields of tall grass and thistle and hiked in and out of gullies. For the most part, though, I’d stayed on the hard-packed dirt trails which followed and intersected the meandering of Plum Creek.

All the while, my eyes rarely left the ground as I shifted them from left to right, and back to left again, in meticulous twenty-foot sweeps. After more than four hours, I had yet to come across another soul, and with darkness soon to fall, it seemed unlikely I would.

What a contrast this was to five days earlier…to the day when it seemed as if every lesbian in Denver was looking for Kayla Martin.

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