Unbearable Losses

It’s Christmastime in Denver, Colorado, but no one around P.I. Kristin Ashe is feeling especially festive. Lori Parks has commissioned Kristin to investigate threats at her elite daycare center but won’t admit they might be aimed at her personally. Two elderly sisters have hired Kristin to discover who’s pilfering from their award-winning holiday display but don’t feel comfortable fingering anyone. And Fran Green, Kris’s trusty sidekick, is eager to assist but facing a crisis of her own.

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Unbearable Losses
Jennifer L. Jordan
185 pages
Published by Spinster’s Ink
Book #4 in the Kristin Ashe mystery series
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

For those who can hardly wait for Christmas and those who can hardly bear it, this book’s for you.

I’m proud of its more traditional mystery strand with the requisite red herrings. Not to worry, though, the main plot follows my trademark exploration of a psychological mystery.

Fran Green continues to grow, while Destiny Greaves fades to a supporting role. The demotion is only temporary – Destiny’s back in full force in Disorderly Attachments.

The idea for this book came to me as I followed a Colorado story of a cross-country ski trip gone awry. I couldn’t shake my fascination with how people would react under life and death conditions and how the decisions they made would follow them the rest of their lives.

In Unbearable Losses, the weather becomes a character, and I pay tribute to one of the greatest, most enduring passions in my life – snowboarding.

The last line of the book is probably the best line I’ll ever write. Don’t peek, but enjoy it when you get there.

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I had never felt so cold in my life.

 Here I lay, three days before Christmas, on an elf stakeout, the only dark spot among 25,000 twinkling lights.

 If I’d thought to dress for the elements, lying in the bushes wouldn’t have felt so painful. But who knew? Earlier in the day, I’d worn a windbreaker on an afternoon bike ride. Four hours later, a cold front had moved in, the temperature had dropped thirty degrees, and I’d started to have serious doubts about this assignment.

 Two weeks earlier, the case had looked simple when the Crumpler sisters had hired me to find out who was filching from their Christmas display.

 A couple of munchkins had been stolen, plus Mrs. Claus. And okay, baby Jesus, too. Yet, that evening, as two buses and a steady stream of cars had pulled up to the holiday extravaganza, none of the sightseers had seemed to miss what was missing.

 How could they—they still had Santa and his reindeer on the roof, dozens of oversized candy canes, an army of snowmen, five circling trains, a flock of angels in the trees, and three nativity scenes.

 Not to mention the continuous loop of holiday tunes. If Santa Claus came to town one more time or another chestnut roasted on an open fire, I knew I’d lose it.

 As I fidgeted on the frozen ground, I thought I couldn’t possibly experience any deeper misery when the cell phone in my pocket began to vibrate.

 Holding the plastic away from my numb ear, I whispered, “Hello.”

 The response came in a chilling wail, “Kris, she’s gone!”

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