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Under Contract by Jennifer L JordanMarch 2017 – Under Contract was announced as a Lambda Literary Award finalist in the mystery category.

May 2016 Under Contract, the second book in the Lauren Vellequette mystery series, is published by Clover Valley Press.

May 2015 –The Lesbian Review website listed the opening lines of Selective Memory as one of the “Top 10 Lesbian Book Beginnings.”

April 2015 – Killed In Escrow was announced as a Goldie finalist in the mystery / thriller category (Golden Crown Literary Society).

February 2015 – Liz McMullen interviewed me for the Liz McMullen Show. Our talk is Eposide #81 for her – an impressive feat by itself. In our 30-minute conversation, we cover Fran Green (the sidekick in the Kristin Ashe series), how I balance out the seriousness of the topics I tackle with a lightness in my writing, what Kristin Ashe and Lauren Vellequette have in common, how much we both miss gay and lesbian brick-and-mortar bookstores, and much more! Check it out as soon as you can!

February 2015 – Killed In Escrow was reviewed in Curve Magazine, by Sanya Franich.

October 2014 – I’m super proud to announce the publication of the first book in my new lesbian mystery series, Killed In Escrow! It was a long time coming…I finished the book in 2004, but didn’t get around to working with a publisher (Charlene Brown, Clover Valley Press) until the summer of 2013. Why the big time gap? Life interrupted.  But once I got going again, every part of the process was a pure pleasure! After a quick, painless editing process and a tiny bit of input in the book cover design (none was really required), voila!






July 2014: I attended the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) Conference in Portland, Oregon.


Jennifer (l), Charlene Brown (middle), Sheila J. Connolly (r)


M.C. Barton (left) and Jennifer

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