Under Contract

Under Contract by Jennifer L JordanDenver’s hottest housing markets are on fire!

While civic leaders tout the redevelopment of a defunct Air Force base and a former international airport, someone is burning down the luxury homes.

Lauren Vellequette, seasoned real estate agent and newbie private investigator, has her hands full with Dennis McBride, the arsonist’s target. The builder’s list of enemies stretches into double digits, and before Lauren can rule out one suspect, two more appear.

With the help—or is it hindrance?—of an an inebriated homeless man, a lawsuit-happy mother, and a washed-up arson expert, Lauren struggles to find the truth.

However, before she can make progress, another house is in flames, and she’s become the arsonist’s favorite prey.

A separate case that involves a wilding incident in Denver’s trendy LoDo district also demands Lauren’s attention. Her growing attraction to the client, sports bar owner Roxanne Archuletta, gives her added incentive to find out who’s causing trouble in LoDo.

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Under Contract, published by Clover Valley Press, is available now.
Under Contract is a Lambda Literary Award finalist in the mystery category.
Categories: Lesbian mystery, lesbian fiction, women’s mystery, cozy mystery

Author's Notes

Years ago, I was alone in my condo in Winter Park, Colorado, when I woke up in the middle of the night, in the dead of winter, to go to the bathroom.

I was startled to find that the bedroom was lit up, and even more startled to find that the light was coming from the glow of an enormous fire across the street. By the time I started watching, the entire restaurant was already engulfed. For the next few hours, I was riveted as I saw firefighters beat back the fire, only to have it rear up again. Over and over, this scene played out, until finally, all that remained was a skeleton of a building and smoke.

There was something breathtaking about the fire – in part, because the raging orange flames in the foreground were framed with the beauty of the snowcapped Rockies in the background.

I’ve never forgotten that fire or how it made me feel.

This book, Under Contract, continues to explore my love-hate relationship with real estate and brokers, while exposing the power of fire.

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“There was something spectacular about the fire, almost spiritual.

I watched as streams of water arced toward the flames, colliding at the intersection of beauty and tragedy.

I never imagined violence could feel so pleasurable, all but sensual.

I could have stayed for days.

Unfortunately, a shout from Dennis McBride brought me back to attention.

I turned, and he glared at me. “Meet me in my office at eight o’clock. You’re getting a partner.”


I did not like the sound of that word.

What the hell had gone wrong?”

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