About Jennifer Jordan

I’ve made my living as a writer since I was twenty-one years old, when I opened my own marketing and communications firm. Nearly thirty years later, I’ve reinvented myself several times.

I’ve produced newsletters for dentists and taught women on welfare how to run their own small businesses. I’ve created 4,000+ marketing projects and helped thousands of people become entrepreneurs. I’ve lived the dream of being my own boss almost every day of my adult life, but writing mysteries was all I ever really wanted to do. So I just kept writing, whenever I could carve out the time and find the ambition.

I currently own a business consulting firm and sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without an addiction to writing.

Some of my current and/or lifelong passions include: snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, golfing, collecting watches, and investing in real estate.

I split my time between homes in Winter Park, Colorado and Denver, Colorado.

If you’d like to contact me, please send me an e-mail at moc.n1597317138adroj1597317138lrefi1597317138nnej@1597317138nej1597317138.

Photo credit: Ginny Rutherford Photography, Denver, Colorado.



I attended the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference (GCLS) in July 2014, in Portland, Oregon.


2015: Killed In Escrow was a finalist for a Golden Crown Literary Society Award.
2008: Alice B Reader’s Appreciation Award
2007: Selective Memory was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.
2004: Commitment To Die
was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award


The Liz McMullen Show, February 2015
Curve Magazine, February 2009
Libertas, August 2006
L Word, July 2006